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7 Healthy Reproduction Tips

If you and your partner are having some issues when it comes to conceiving, you may want to look at some easy to follow health tips. It can be a very stressful time and while there are some options out there, many are expensive and do not always offer a concrete solution. You should think about looking after your own reproductive system before thinking about other possible fixes. Here we take a look at the ways a woman can take some extra care and possibly help the chances of conception as well and look forward to a healthy reproduction. Read these 7 Healthy Reproduction Tips

1. Smoking Must Stop

Hopefully this bit of advice will be not required, but if you are still smoking you need to stop now. As well as the nasty smell and dreadful effects of passive smoking, it will starve your reproductive organs of oxygen and damage your ovaries. You shouldn’t need to heed this information here, but it can’t be said too many times.

2. Control Your Body Weight

If you are underweight, then you will probably be producing too little oestrogen and this will affect your reproductive system in a bad way. If you are too heavy. The reverse will occur and the excess oestrogen will also stop you from getting pregnant. It will also increase the risk of cancer when you get older.
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3. Be Careful

 If you have more than one sexual partner, please take suitable precautions. Any sexually transmitted disease can do serious damage to your reproductive system. You may be harbouring these diseases for a long time before you are even aware.

4. Get Checked Out

Ensure that you are in good working order by making regular visits to your local gynaecologist. They will check your uterus and ovaries and also screen you for cervical cancer. The gynaecologist can answer any question you might have about your reproductive system.

5. Healthy, Balanced Diet

Ensure that you are eating a balanced and healthy diet, speak to your doctor for a diet that suits your lifestyle. These are the food items that you should look to avoid: Alcohol Coffee High mercury fish – Shark and swordfish Raw and smoked meats The consumption of the following food types is recommended: Fruits and vegetable Low mercury fish – Salmon and canned tuna Calcium-rich foods like cheese and yoghurts Vitamins C and E Folic Acid

6. Exercise

You should exercise often and ensure that you are doing enough each day to perspire fairly heavily. Pick a sport that you enjoy and share this with your partner on a regular basis, it is important to share these fun activities with the one that you love.

7. Be Mindful About Stress

Do not over analyse why you are not getting pregnant, often the stress that this type of thought encourages, will make the task even harder. You should aim to be as happy and healthy as a young woman can be, and you may be surprised to learn that all of your worrying was over nothing. Just remember to look after yourself and your reproduction system.

Today’s guest post is authored by Marissa Anabel, a renowned gynaecologist. Having been in this profession for over 15 years, she concedes that people are not too knowledgeable about reproductive health and feels that unplanned pregnancy cases are on the rise because of it. 

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