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Am I Pregnant?

As a woman the question – Am I Pregnant? – may be something that you need to ask yourself a few times during your childbearing years. Of course if you’re trying for a baby every little possible symptom may seem very exciting, however many pregnancy symptoms are also similar to some of what we experience as part of the wonderful world of PMS – pre-menstrual syndrome.

If you aren’t planning a pregnancy of course these symptoms may either be a pleasant surprise, or a little bit of a shock, because you weren’t planning to become pregnant. All of this depends so much on our personal circumstances.

So let’s look at some of the symptoms that you may be experiencing, but do bear in mind that it is only a proper pregnancy test can confirm if you are really pregnant, and then an early pregnancy scan that can confirm that your pregnancy is viable. Also pregnancy symptoms can vary from pregnancy to pregnancy. The following are the most common symptoms and signs of early pregnancy.

am i pregnant

1. Are You Feeling Pregnant?

“Feeling Pregnant” is possibly why you are checking this section out. Many women have an intuitive feeling about pregnancy and often this is proven correct. Changes including, tiredness, queasiness, sore or sensitive breasts, or simply just not feeling your usual self are all common pregnancy symptoms. Although these pregnancy signs can feel similiar to PMT so this can be a bit confusing, but intuition is often correct. On top of this, your second pregnancy and other subsequent pregnancies may feel different to you also.

2. Have You Missed A Period?

This is perhaps the most obvious of all early pregnancy symptoms. If you have missed a period it is advisable to take a home pregnancy test to confirm whether or not you think you may be pregnant. Not every pregnant woman will miss her first period though. Instead, your period might be lighter or it doesn’t last as long as normal.
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3. Experiencing What Could Be Morning Sickness?

Most women experience some form of morning sickness from a feeling of nausea to vomiting in the first few weeks of pregnancy. This can start as early as the first week of pregnancy and may take you by surprise. Aversions to previously liked foods or smells can sometimes cause you to feel nauseated, can be other signs of pregnancy.

Morning sickness, despite its name can happen at any time of the day. It is often helpful to eat smaller amounts more frequently than normal. Morning sickness usually subsides at the end of the first trimester pregnancy but not always. Some women experience no morning sickness symptoms at all.

4. Do You Notice Some Changes To Your Breasts?

In early pregnancy the breast usually become more sensitive. Breasts can feel swollen and tender. You may even notice that the nipple and areola (area around the nipple) becomes darker. Soreness of the breast can be more noticeable at night time when you are trying to get comfortable to go to sleep or when dressing or showering.

5. Feeling More Tired Than Normal?

Extreme tiredness is a common sign in early pregnancy. In some cases it may not be as extreme as others, but you may notice that you feel fatigued, and lack the normal energy levels that you would have had previously. This is due to your body adapting to the changes that are occurring in your body and the increasing levels of hormones. You may start going to bed sooner or find it harder to get up in the mornings and everyday tasks such as shopping may leave you feeling exhausted.

6. Have You Noticed What Might Be Implantation Bleeding?

Sometimes a slight bleed or spotting and/or cramping can be caused when a fertilized egg begins to implant into the uterus. This is know as “implantation bleeding“. You may notice a little bit of red or pink spotting but not all women experience this.

7. Do You Need To Go To The Toilet More Often?

Even in the very early stages of pregnancy, one of the common pregnancy symptoms is needing to urinate more frequently. Have you felt this urge recently?

Sometimes this can happen to some women before a period as well, so not unlike some other early pregnancy symptoms it can be confusing.


8. Has Your Taste In Food Changed?

Another possible early pregnancy symptom is disliking, or having an aversion to a food that you previously liked. Or you may find that you are craving something in particular, and sometimes pregnancy cravings can be a bit unusual. Curious? Check out these 19 pregnancy cravings. and you can also learn more about what causes pregnancy cravings.

9. Do You Feel Nauseous?

We mentioned morning sickness earlier, but as you may not be aware that you are pregnant, you may not consider it to be morning sickness. You could be feeling nauseous without vomiting at all.

10. How Is Your Sense Of Smell?

Another possible early pregnancy symptom is a change in your sense of smell. It can be that your sense of smell is stronger at this time, and you may also be repulsed or less tolerant of aromas that previously didn’t bother you.

11. Have You Had Cramps?

In the early stages of pregnancy some women experience slight cramping in the uterus.

12. Have You Got The Moody Blues?

Early pregnancy symptoms can include mood swings. One minute you’re Happy as Larry (or in this case Lucy!) and the next you’re tetchy, down or angry. This is because of the big changes that are happening hormonally. If you feel weepy, this could be a sign.

13. Dizzy or Lightheaded?

If you have dizzy spells or are feeling a bit light headed sometimes, this can be another possible sign. This happens because your blood pressure may have lowered, as being pregnant can cause blood vessels to dilate. Your blood sugars may also be lower as well. Be careful, as some women can even faint.

14. Feeling Constipated?

Due to the hormonal activity and changes, the digestive system can slow down. This can leave you feeling constipated.

15. Have You Noticed A White, Milky Type Of Discharge?

Pretty much straight away after conception, the walls of the vagina thicken. Due to the increase in the growth of the cells, you may notice that you have a white, milky discharge.

16. Do You Have A Metallic Taste In Your Mouth?

Aptly enough, having a metallic taste in your mouth is called Dysgeusia. If you say it out loud, you’ll realise it is very close to the word disgusting! This weird metallic taste that is another possible early pregnancy symptom is a bit like you’re sucking on some coins ….It is caused by pregnancy hormones.


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