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Bleeding gums, sore gums and swollen gums can be caused by a combination of hormonal changes and a build-up of plaque, during a time when your gums are more vulnerable. This can lead to bleeding and inflammation, known as pregnancy gingivitis.

1. Why pregnancy gingivitis occurs

During pregnancy, the body is going to encounter a flood of bodily hormone level changes, and that is going to affect you greater than you might realize. One of the more typical ways this can affect you during your pregnancy is bleeding or very sensitive gums.

That is due to greater than normal progesterone levels and the outcome is that your gingiva will react more than they’d usually to the bacteria present in plaque. There’s also an increase inside your blood volume during pregnancy and this. May mean that you might experience bleeding gingiva whenever you brush or floss.

pregnancy bleeding gums

2. The importance of good dental hygiene during pregnancy

While you’re pregnant it’s particularly important to practice good dental hygiene as this will influence around 50% of the women that are pregnant around the globe. Yes, it can – due to the increase of blood to the body and the improved bodily hormone levels the body you may be more predisposed towards gingivitis if you don’t care for your teeth. This itself may then develop into periodontitis – that is a significant type of gum disease wherein the infection goes away from gingiva into the bone along with other tissues that support the teeth. Quite simply this is a major concern for women that are pregnant.

3. The ideal step is prevention

You’ll find been some reports that have shown that women who are suffering from either severe gingivitis or periodontitis are definitely more predisposed towards. As with most medical problems, the initial step is prevention. If you encounter any tooth pain, bleeding, or very sensitive gingiva then you should truly make a consultation to see your dentist. Treatment for any one of the common dental hygiene problems will certainly reduce the danger which is placed on both you or your baby that can be connected with either severe gingivitis or periodontitis.


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