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Pregnancy Diary Week 10

Discover your pregnancy journey

Pregnancy Diary Week 10

You’re coming towards the end of your first trimester, which is a very exciting landmark to reach. Discover what’s happening during pregnancy week 10 for you and baby, plus learn about the nutritional benefits of Brussel Sprouts …the Christmas vegetable that most of us either love or hate!!


How your baby is growing

What you can expect  at this time

A beneficial food for your pregnancy nutrition


Pregnancy Diary Week 10: How Is Your Baby Growing?

With the size of a small plum, your baby is approximately 4 grams in weight now. The baby has grown substantially since the time of conception but it doesn’t show on your body just yet. By this week, the baby’s body plan has almost been completed. The tail has completely disappeared and his fingers and toes are now separated. The heart is completely developed and the brain produces around a quarter of a million neurons every minute.

His tiny arms now have elbows that bend. Minute buds of baby teeth are now developing in the baby’s mouth. His kidneys and stomach are now fully functional that they are now capable of producing urine and digestive juices. Other sustaining organs such as intestines, brain and the liver also become functional. Though the external genital isn’t yet visible, the male’s testes are now beginning to produce testosterone.

What you can expect

Due to the increasing size of the baby, you can expect your weight to increase a little bit. By this time, you may be a bit sluggish and you get constipated most of the time. Pregnancy symptoms which have begun showing in the past weeks continue to manifest this week. These symptoms include heartburn, indigestion, flatulence, dizziness, increased vaginal discharge, food aversion, food cravings, nausea, fatigue, vomiting, headaches and occasional headaches.

By this week, you will notice the occurrence of a map of veins criss-crossing through your belly and abdomen. This is due to the increased blood supply and the veins help in supplying blood and nutrients to the baby.

In time, these veins will eventually fade. Lower abdominal pains should also be anticipated this week. The ligaments which support the belly are now stretching out and as your baby gets bigger, additional weight is put on the ligaments thereby causing a sharp or dull pain.

The high levels of hormones nowadays can cause you to suffer from a lot of physical and emotional distress. Some physical changes include slight swelling of the thyroid glands, softening of the gums and weight gain. Emotional distress includes feelings of being unattractive, future concerns and feelings of inadequacy. While some women are pretty excited about their pregnancy, some of us tend to suffer from frequent mood swings. Some of us cry over the simplest things and get upset very easily.

You may still wish to go for an early pregnancy scan at this stage.

Brussel Sprouts For Pregnancy Nutrition


Having a healthy diet is very important to pregnant women and to their baby. Brussels sprouts are one of the healthiest foods to eat for pregnant women. This vegetable is an excellent source of nutrients that are vital in optimizing the baby’s growth and development.

This excellent food choice is rich Vitamins A, B6, C and K as well as folate, manganese, potassium, iron magnesium and fibre. Brussels sprouts are also fortified with phytonutrients which play vital roles in enhancing the baby’s immune system. It also helps in preventing the occurrence of any complication during delivery.

A half cup of this vegetable is said to contain 47 mcg of folate which is very beneficial to the developing baby. This mineral actually helps in enhancing the production of new cells. Also, it helps in preventing the development of neural tube deformities, birth defects to the nervous system and any malformations in the brain, skull and spine. According to research, insufficient amount of folate in the body is useful in preventing low birth weight and premature birth.

Pregnant women need a lot of calcium during their pregnancy. Calcium plays a vital role in helping the nerves and the muscles to function efficiently. Also, calcium is important in regulating blood clotting thereby resulting to a reduced risk for excessive bleeding during delivery. Fortunately, Brussels sprouts are excellent source of this nutrient. Lack of calcium during pregnancy might put the mother at a greater risk for osteoporosis later on.

Brussels sprouts are also good source of iron and vitamin C. Iron is vital in the production of red blood cells. According to research, lack of iron increases the mother as well as the baby’s risk for anaemia. Meanwhile, Vitamin C facilitates in the absorption of iron.

This vegetable is an excellent source of phytonutrients which are beneficial in preventing DNA damage. Phytonutrients are essential in reducing women’s risk for preterm labour, preeclampsia, caesarean section and foetal distress.

Pregnancy Diary Week 10

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