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Pregnancy Diary Week 18

Discover your pregnancy journey

Pregnancy Diary Week 18

Being pregnant can be a wonderful but sometimes overwhelming journey. Every day is a new experience for pregnant women, especially for first-time Mums..although of course, each pregnancy is different.

During your 18th week of pregnancy, amongst other things, your baby is coming closer to movements that many mothers start to feel around the 20th week. Find out what you can expect at this time. By the way, did you know that watermelons can help ease some pregnancy symptoms? More about that below…


How your baby is growing

What you can expect  at this time

A beneficial food for your pregnancy nutrition


Pregnancy Diary Week 18: How Is Your Baby Growing?

Your baby is now over 6 inches long and more than 5 ounces in weight. Though most mothers start feeling their baby’s movements after the 20th week, you may begin feeling that your baby is kicking, punching, rolling and twisting inside your womb this week.

By this time, your baby has now its own set of finger and toe prints. He may also develop other skills such as hiccuping and yawning.

What you can expect

 This week, more and more people are noticing your changing figure. Most of them can now recognise that you are pregnant. While you might be enjoying the attention which many people give during this stage, you may also have to suffer from backaches. These happen due to the growing size of your baby and of course, the surge of pregnancy hormones inside your body.

However, inside your body, your cardiovascular system is affected by your pregnancy. You may experience low blood pressure. Bleeding gums, flatulence, heartburn and existence of varicose veins and stretch marks are still normal during this week.

Leg cramps begin to occur this week. You might just find yourself waking up in the middle of the night due to the shooting spasms in your right and left calf. The cause is still unknown but you can fend them off through calf stretching. By this time, your body continues to accumulate fluid to support you and your baby’s needs. This may result in the swelling of the feet and ankles.

Watermelons For Pregnancy Nutrition

 In many cases, pregnancy brings about food aversions and cravings. However, make sure that you are getting nutrients from the food you take, which is best achieved by a varied, healthy fresh food intake. Even with the Irish weather not always being as sunny as we might like, there are many fruits that can contribute to a good diet, and one that not only does this but can relieve some of your symptoms is the watermelon.

Eating watermelon during pregnancy is both delicious and nutritious. Watermelons provide a number of nutrients which can help relieve some of the pregnancy symptoms women experience. According to research, watermelon helps in easing muscle cramps, dehydration, swelling, heartburn and morning sickness. Some women consider watermelon as an excellent solution to nausea. Due to its high water content, watermelon is a very beneficial fruit during pregnancy.

Watermelon is also said to be richer in lycopene compared to tomatoes. Lycopene’s are antioxidants that protect the body against cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Also, these antioxidants are beneficial in increasing the skin’s SPFs as well as in boosting the body’s immunity against a wide range of infections. In pregnant women, lycopene plays a vital role in reducing their risk for pre-eclampsia by as high as 50%.

Watermelon is fortified with Vitamins A, B6 and C as well as magnesium and potassium which are known for their massive benefits to the human body. Potassium is said to be effective at regulating the amount of water in the blood, thereby preventing the swelling of the ankles and feet. When working together, potassium and magnesium are helpful in preventing muscle cramps which normally occur on the third trimester of pregnancy.

Watermelon also plays a vital role in the development of the baby’s nervous system, vision and the brain. On the other hand, Vitamins A and C are beneficial in the development of the baby’s immune system and bones. Apart from this, Vitamin C performs an important role in expediting the healing of wounds, promoting healthy gums and teeth as well as in preventing cellular damage. Meanwhile, Vitamin B6 helps in optimising brain functions.

Pregnancy Diary Week 18

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