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Pregnancy Diary Week 40

Discover your pregnancy journey

Pregnancy Diary Week 40

You are 40 weeks pregnant. This means that you should be having your baby any time now, right? Well just because you reached pregnancy week 40 does not mean that the baby is ready for life quite yet. A person can go a few weeks past week 40 before they are considered post term. Even though you are most likely waking up every morning wondering if today will be the day, be patient and let nature lead the way on this birth.

It may be a frustrating time but be patient for the arrival of your baby. Timing is not always an exact science with pregnancy. Relying on a due date calculator can often lead to the wrong date since everything is not always exactly the same. Even with a reliable dating some pregnancies just last longer for no apparent reason.


How your baby is growing

What you can expect  at this time

A beneficial food for your pregnancy nutrition


Pregnancy Diary Week 40: How Is Your Baby Growing?

Once the due date hits your doctor will start watching to make sure the baby is still thriving in the womb. Ultrasounds to make sure the overall movement, breathing movement which is the movement of the chest muscles and the diaphragm will be watched. Checking out the muscle movement is another test. Is the baby moving their limbs and fingers as they should?

Testing of the amniotic fluid is done to make sure there is still fluid supporting the placenta and baby. Fetal heart rate monitoring will also be done to record the babies heart and make sure there is no distress.

If fetal testing does not produce desired results such as the amniotic fluid being low, the doctor may decide to induce the labour. If there is a serious issue with the pregnancy a c-section may be ordered.

What you can expect

Before all of this, the doctor will do some tests on you. Checking to see if the cervix is preparing for birth. Is the cervix positioning itself correctly, is it starting to dilate in preparation? The position of the cervix will affect how and when the doctor will induce labour. This would normally happen between week 41 and 42 of the pregnancy.

It is difficult to say how big the baby will be at the time of birth. The average weight of a newborn is the size of a small pumpkin, about seven and one-half pounds. An average length is about twenty inches. The skull bones will not be completely fused to make birthing easier for the infant. This is why some babies have a slight cone head shortly after birth. This will normally even out within a few weeks.


Quinoa For Pregnancy Nutrition

Quinoa offers nutritious and protein-rich food. In fact, this complete protein contains all nine of the essential amino acids needed for good health.

Additionally, quinoa contains about double the fibre of most other types of grain. While fibre is often considered an excellent way to relieve constipation, it can also help with the prevention of heart disease by lowering blood pressure, as well as diabetes. Fibre also helps to lower glucose and cholesterol levels and could potentially reduce the likelihood of developing haemorrhoids. Fibre can also help with weight loss because it takes more time to chew than many other types of food and it will leave you feeling fuller and more satisfied for a much longer period of time. Fibre is also less “energy dense”, meaning that when compared to an equivalent amount of other types of food, fibre has fewer calories.

The benefits of quinoa also include the fact that it is rich in iron. Iron is the foundation of haemoglobin formation and helps to keep the red blood cells in our body healthy. Iron carries oxygen to the cells in our body and supplies our muscles with the oxygen needed for contraction. The brain utilizes approximately 20% of the blood oxygen in our body, so iron also plays a vital role in increasing brain function. Some of the other great benefits of iron include regulation of the body’s temperature, neurotransmitter synthesis, energy metabolism and helping with enzyme activity.

Quinoa also contains lysine. Lysine is essential for proper tissue repair and growth.

Quinoa is high in magnesium. Magnesium can help relieve migraines because it aids in the relaxation of blood vessels. Magnesium might also play a role in reducing Type 2 diabetes because it helps promote healthy blood sugar levels. Other healthy benefits of magnesium are detoxification, the formation of healthy teeth and bones, energy production, help with the transmission of the body’s nerve impulses and regulation of body temperature.

Quinoa is also high in Riboflavin (vitamin B2). Vitamin B2 helps increase energy metabolism in the brain, as well as in the cells of muscles. It is also known to be helpful in producing proper energy production in the cells of the body.

Quinoa has a high amount of manganese. As an antioxidant, manganese can help prevent damage to mitochondria which can happen during energy production; it also plays a vital role in protecting red blood cells, as well as other cells, from the injury caused by free radicals.

Quinoa With A Latino Feel

This can be eaten as a delicious snack or as a great accompaniment to many dishes, it really is very versatile. It works really well with chicken, pork or seafood. Check out the full recipe here

Pregnancy Diary Week 40

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