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Pregancy Medical Studies

Pregnancy medical studies by topic


Asthma pregnancy medical studies


Asthma during pregnancy tied to postpartum depression risk: read this pregnancy medical study

A ‘significant’ Newcastle study shows clear link between pregnancy treatment and childhood asthma: learn more in this pregnancy medical study


The Realities of Asthma and Pregnancy: learn more here


Is antacid use during pregnancy tied to childhood asthma? Discover more about this pregnancy medical study

Air pollution & chemicals pregnancy medical studies

pregnancy medical studies chemicals pollution

Chemical found in everyday plastics raises premature birth risk: Learn more here


Air pollution particles found in mothers’ placentas – discover more about this pregnancy medical study

Air pollution affects thyroid development in fetuses: read this medical study here


First evidence of soot air pollution reaching the placenta found in London mothers, new study says: discover more


PVC flooring in homes give rise to uptake of phthalates in pregnant women: read more about this pregnancy medical study

Endometriosis pregnancy medical studies


Overview: What is endometriosis and how can it affect pregnancy – learn more here


Women With Endometriosis Need Special Care During Pregnancy To Avoid Risk Of Premature Birth: discover more about this medical study

Fruit Intake Can Reduce the Risk of Endometriosis, Study Suggests: read more here

Association between contemporary hormonal contraception and ovarian cancer in women of reproductive age in Denmark: prospective, nationwide cohort study: discover more about this pregnancy medical study

Endometriosis pregnancy medical studies

Folic acid pregnancy medical studies

pregnancy medical studies folic acid

Folic acid to be added to UK flour in effort to reduce birth defects: read more here


Folic acid supplementation for pregnant women and those planning pregnancy: 2015 update: learn more


Folic Acid Supplementation and Pregnancy: More Than Just Neural Tube Defect Prevention: discover this medical study


The impact of folic acid supplementation on gestational and long term health: Critical temporal windows, benefits and risks: learn more


Many Poor Women Miss Out on Folic Acid Supplements During Pregnancy: read more here

Mental health pregnancy medical studies


1 in 4 pregnant women have mental health problems: learn more here


Maternal mental health studied by the WHO (World Health Organisation): discover what the WHO have to say about maternal mental health

Identifying the women at risk of antenatal anxiety and depression: A systematic review read it here

Maternal mental health in pregnancy and child behaviour: investigate this pregnancy study

Why mental health during pregnancy deserves more attention – discover more


mental health pregnancy medical studies

Nutrition & weight pregnancy medical studies

pregnancy medical studies nutrition

Effects of a high-fat diet may be passed on for three generations: read about this pregnancy nutrition study

Overeating during pregnancy linked to maternal weight gain and child obesity: learn more

Fish oil during pregnancy linked to increase in child’s bone mass by six: find out about this medical study

High gluten diet in pregnancy linked to higher child diabetes risk – learn more

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