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Six Helpful Tips To Reduce Back Pain During Pregnancy

Back pain is just one of those things that you expect will happen during your pregnancy, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t learn how to cope with it and reduce the pain. As your body changes, you’re bound to notice a few new aches and pains. By learning what to do and what to avoid, you can feel comfortable throughout your pregnancy.

1. Pregnancy Support Bands

Pregnancy support bands wrap around your lower stomach, pushing your belly up and keeping it from hanging down. As your little one starts growing, your stomach starts pushing out and down, which can add pressure to your back. A pregnancy support band puts your body in alignment to reduce that pressure.

2. Wear Flats

It seems like every celebrity in the world strides onto the red carpet in six-inch heels while pregnant, but those shoes are potentially dangerous for you and your baby. Heels put added pressure on your back and your arches, which can make you feel uncomfortable and cause swelling. Switch to flats to take some of that pressure off your back.

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3. Change Your Sleeping Position

If you ever had back pain before, you probably noticed that changing the way you slept helped reduce that pain. When you’re pregnant, you might find yourself sleeping on your side, which can force your body into an uncomfortable position.

Add a pillow between your legs to change the way that you sleep. This simple pillow mimics the natural curve of your spine and helps you get a better night’s sleep.

4. Practice Stretching

Yoga helps you form a connection between your mind, body and spirit, and many schools and organizations that offer yoga classes offer classes designed for pregnant women.

You’ll learn stretches that you can use in the early and later stages of your pregnancy, and you’ll even learn coping techniques for when you go into labour. These stretches help you reduce tension and stress in your back to limit backaches and pains.

5. Head To The Pool

Swimming is one of those exercises that you can do during your pregnancy. Whether you swim in a heated pool or an unheated pool, you’ll slowly stretch the different muscle groups in your body, reduce tension and improve your posture.

The simple movements that you do in the pool will go a long way towards helping you cope with your back pain.

6. Use Heat

When you throw out your back, your doctor might recommend using a heating pad, and you can do the same thing when you’re dealing with back pain. Talk to your doctor first to ensure that it’s safe to use later in your pregnancy, and alternate the heating pad with ice packs.

Try testing heat and ice first, to see which one makes you feel better. Using a hot or cold pack at the end of the day while reclining or lying in bed can reduce your back pain and leave you feeling more comfortable and confident. It only takes a few simple minutes and easy swaps to reduce the back pain that you feel during your pregnancy. Wearing the right clothing, shoes and support garments are just a few ways that you can feel comfortable.

About the author:

Gina Thompson has worked at a leading maternity clothing store for many years. She is a passionate blogger in her spare time.

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