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The Benefits Of Hydrotherapy During Pregnancy

We’ve all heard the saying that water is life. Many of us know that our bodies are composed of 70% water. This article takes a look at the potential benefits of hydrotherapy during pregnancy – read on to appreciate the role that water can play during this special time of your life.

1. Water works wonders

A soak in the bath is one of the best ways to relax and unwind from our busy lives; and the wonder of water is a great natural source of comfort and support during pregnancy.

Using water to treat aches and pains is called hydrotherapy and it is rapidly becoming the number one choice of mums-to-be. Your body is working harder than ever during pregnancy and the nine months can sometimes feel like you have been through the rigours of running a marathon at times so you have to prioritise looking after yourself like never before.

Used for millennia to soothe all sorts of discomforts and ills, water has truly transformative properties and can revitalise our tired muscles and help work out those tough knots that are now creeping into every nook and cranny.

It is generally safe for most women to use water during pregnancy but speak to a health professional for tips on what will work best for you as an individual.

2. Check the temperature

One major caveat when preparing to enjoy the pleasures of water is to ensure you check the temperature before taking a dip. Keep it at body temperature – 37 degrees Celsius – or less so you and your baby in waiting can take full advantage of the benefits without putting yourselves at risk of overheating.

It will also be good preparation for the months and years ahead, when checking the temperature of your baby’s bath will become a daily routine, just one of many!

hydrotherapy during pregnancy benefits

3. Pain relief

Cramps and niggles here and there go hand in hand with pregnancy. Your body is changing every day as you support the development of your child through these vital months.

It is important to exercise regularly to keep your busy body in shape but, as you carry your growing bump around, this will put extra pressure on muscles and joints – some of which you are probably just becoming acquainted with for the first time. Gentle movements in water allow you to enjoy the benefits of keeping mobile and flexible through pregnancy but the weightlessness of your body under water means that the pressure is lifted from your strained muscles and back.

Water is the perfect tonic for over worked muscles as it helps them relax, which in turn allows your mind to feel like it is decompressing from all the stresses and strains pregnancy naturally brings. This wonderful therapy also helps to promote a positive calm and can help you to unwind for a deep restorative sleep. Something to be relished for the last few months before your new addition joins you!

Using the healing powers of water is also ideal for easing back pain, one of the most common complaints. The buoyancy you experience while submerged in water is exactly what this part of your body needs.

4. Giving birth

Sitting in a birthing pool during labour is popular with an increasing number of mums. Its natural ability to reduce pressure on key parts of your body makes it a fantastic partner at this challenging time; reducing the discomfort of contractions and removing the need for you to focus heavily on posture.

Cold water splashed on the face during labour can have a calming effect as it helps you take a hold of your own attention so you can focus on taking control of your body. Some babies will even be delivered into the water, which will alleviate some of the pain for you – even if there is any tearing.

5. Warm down

The pool can be a great place to regenerate in the weeks and months after you give birth. You have been through an amazing experience, which will have tested every aspect of your mind and body. You will have a million and one things to do right now, with the new arrival on the scene, but it is imperative that you make time for mum; your baby is going to need you to be at your best.

One of the added bonuses of using a pool after giving birth is that it can also help you to move that extra baby weight quicker than you might have thought possible without putting pressure on your tender muscles and joints.


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