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To What Extent Can I Influence My Unborn Baby?

Discovering that you are pregnant is only one of the many stages you will go through over the coming months. Whether your pregnancy is planned or unplanned, and either way if you take a small amount of time to learn and understand to what extent you can influence your unborn baby, this will increase your chances of enjoying your pregnancy as much as possible, as well as giving your baby a greater chance for health and happiness.

The unborn child is a feeling, remembering and aware being. According to psychiatrist, writer and academic, Dr. Thomas R. Verny, what happens to an unborn baby during the 9 months between conception and birth marks out his/her personality, drives and ambitions.

1. The Secret Life Of The Unborn Child

In the book “The Secret Life Of The Unborn Child” by Dr. Thomas Verny and John Kelly, it says that it is exciting to be aware of the role of the pregnant woman in guiding and shaping her unborn child’s personality. As a mother-to-be you can help your unborn baby in this way. Unborn babies have a genetic inheritance which is not controllable, but in this book it is made very clear that one highly important contribution is a mother-to-be maternal thoughts and feelings.

In theory a woman can make her maternal thoughts and feelings as positive a force as she wishes. We know about the roles that emotions can play in sickness and health; we know about the detrimental effects of an expectant mother taking drugs, alcohol or cigarettes and now many of us appreciate the potential effects of positive maternal feelings and thoughts.

2. So let’s look at what capabilities an unborn baby has

Your Unborn Baby Is:

  • A feeling, active human being
  • Capable of learning
  • Sensitive to your feelings about him/her
  • Sensitive to his father-to-be feelings about him/her
  • Able to respond to love
  • Able to hear sounds, voices and music, and respond to them
  • Able to warn you of medical problems that even your doctor is not yet aware of!
unborn baby capabilities

3. Each pregnant woman is having her own unique experience

While some mothers-to-be may find this information easy to relate to and look forward to enjoying their pregnancy, there are also plenty of expectant mothers who will feel stressed about their pregnancy, which can happen for numerous reasons. Not feeling happy to be pregnant can happen because the pregnancy was not planned, or maybe the relationship is not as stable as it used to be, money is tight, you were hoping for more of a career before starting a family and the list goes on.

Also there are some mothers-to-be who have come from families where the parenting has given them a good, stable model to work with and make their own, once baby comes along. But there are plenty of mothers-to-be who feel that the last thing they will do is parent in the same fashion as their parents did. All of these thoughts and feelings are running around and influencing pregnant women. Each mother-to-be has a different life in some way or other.

Each mother-to-be has different hopes and dreams for her pregnancy and baby; different family and cultural background; different supports systems and these are just some of the ingredients which make each pregnancy unique and special in itself. Some women may feel apprehensive whether it is the first pregnancy or not.

Other women may find out that they are pregnant after previously having a miscarriage; they may be feeling intense joy, apprehension and fear all at the same time. The common thread is that as pregnant women, we all have the possibility to focus on a positive, loving intrauterine bonding experience for our unborn babies.

4. Enhance your pregnancy experience for you & your baby

Even if you are feeling apprehensive, or worse, or if you feel positive and want to understand how this approach to enjoying your pregnancy can work, read this review of the book mentioned:

“It influenced & enhanced the experience of my pregnancy & helped to guide my attitude & behavior even through difficult events that occurred during gestation. It is written from the perspective of love & I believe it contributed significantly to the strong bond that I have with my daughter. I still read it occasionally & find it useful in determining my approach to parenting today. I’m so pleased to have read this book.”

Review from Kathlyn Anthony, on Amazon.


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