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What Things You Should Avoid During Pregnancy

There is nothing more important for a pregnant woman than the health and safety of her baby. Fortunately, you can protect your child by avoiding some risky factors that may complicate your pregnancy or cause harm to your baby. Learn about what things you should avoid during pregnancy.

1. Avoid stress

Stress and tension attack your body in most surprising ways. It may cause literally everything – from back pains to insomnia and even premature labour. So, try to stay away from stressful situations, no matter if you are at work or at home.

2. Avoid smoking

Remember that smoking is extremely harmful to your unborn baby and yourself, so you should avoid it completely. When you smoke, your baby gets less oxygen than usual, which can result in some future problems. Tobacco smoke is also associated with premature birth and other pregnancy complications, so think carefully before exposing the child and yourself to such a risk.
avoid smoking when pregnant

3. Avoid taking medications, even some aspirin

All medicines should be avoided during your pregnancy, unless they are especially prescribed by your doctor. You should be very careful because everything you take goes through the placenta to your unborn baby.

4. Don't go near cat's litter

If you have a cat at home, let someone else change its litter box until you are pregnant. There is a certain risk your cat has toxoplasmosis. This is a disease, which can cause some birth defects in babies and that is why it is so dangerous for you and your baby. Remember to be careful while you are pregnant, even if your cat does not show any symptoms of toxoplasmosis. If there is nobody, who can help with the cat’s litter, always wear rubber gloves and wash your hands well afterwards.

5. Avoid caffeine

It is wise you avoid caffeine, some types of tea and all carbonated and soft drinks that contain caffeine while you are pregnant. Remember that when drinking coffee you transfer this stimulant to your unborn baby, and after all, caffeine stimulates the heart and brain and is considered to be an addictive substance, such as drugs.

6. Avoid some supplements that contain vitamin A

Vitamin A is found is many foods, but you must remember that if you take too much of it during your pregnancy, it may be toxic to the baby and can even cause some birth defects or a miscarriage. During your pregnancy you need 770 micrograms of vitamin A, and during breastfeeding you need 1,300 micrograms of it.

7. Avoid any pesticides

During the first trimester the nervous system of your baby is growing pretty fast, so it is extremely important for you to avoid any toxic fumes during your pregnancy. Make sure you read carefully the labels of the home cleaning detergents that you use and find some alternative or eco-friendly cleaning methods if possible.

8. Avoid going to a sauna, jacuzzi and solarium

Pregnant women can “overheat” easier because of the hormonal changes that are going on in their body and the additional heat from the body of the baby growing during the pregnancy. Some recent studies have shown that pregnant women who have suffered from overheating from sauna, jacuzzi and solarium had babies with some neural defects that occur when the brains in the spinal cord is not formed properly.

9. Avoid eating some fish that contains mercury

There are some fish that contain mercury in their fat, and that is why you should avoid eating such fish. Some of them are shark, swordfish, mackerel, fresh tuna, etc. Remember that when a pregnant woman consumes large amounts of mercury, her baby may suffer from some brain damages.

10. Avoid drinking alcohol

You should not drink alcohol during your pregnancy, because it goes directly through your blood in the placenta, and this means that your baby takes the same amount of alcohol that you have taken. The only difference between you to is that your baby is too little and alcohol may have some devastating consequences for them. If you drink alcohol, especially in large quantities, you take the risk that your baby may be born with a fetal alcohol syndrome and some mental or physical defects, so remember that no amount of alcohol is considered safe during pregnancy. There are differing opinions about if pregnant women can drink even a small amount, or none at all, however the safest approach is to avoid it completely.

Everything that you eat and drink affects the development of your baby. That is the reason why pregnancy may happen to be stimulating for some women to make certain changes in their lives related to a more healthy lifestyle.

Author Bio: Connie Jameson is a passionate freelancer blogger. She is keen on topics about health and loves to read about it a lot. She currently writes fora  range of clients, including Top Cleaners London and a number of clients that are involved in the health niche.


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