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Why We Love The Pregnancy Nutrition App Hollestic

With the development of current technology, everything can be done online or through mobile apps. You don’t have to go far to get information. It is precisely to make life easier for pregnant women and those planning to become pregnant that the National Maternity Hospital and the UCD Perinatal Research Center conducted research to demonstrate the potential of public health supported by mobile devices during pregnancy to improve maternal and child health.

This research resulted in the creation of the Pregnancy Nutrition App Hollestic. It is easy to use and aims to monitor your pregnancy, encourage advice for each trimester, advice on physical activity during pregnancy, and above all to offer you a balanced and healthy diet.


Obtain the Pregnancy Nutrition App Hollestic

First of all, in order to use the app, it is necessary to download it. For Android users it can be found on Google Play and for those who use iOs it can be found on the App Store. Once downloaded, you just have to install the application on your mobile device.

Once installed, the app will show you a preface explaining its uses. The first preface will show that you can browse recipes with nutritious and easy to make recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. The second preface will show that the app has a Baby Size Tracker that uses the handy pregnancy tracker to monitor your baby’s growth. And the last and the third preface will show that the app provides pregnancy advice where you can get practical trimester specific advice on nutrition, physical activity and your pregnancy.


Recipe Feed

This is the first tab found in the app. As the name suggests, we can find several cooking recipes suitable for a pregnant woman. The recipes are especially for breakfast, lunch and dinner and as pregnant women like to snack there is also a snack section.

The special feature of this tab is the fact that each time we choose a particular dish, the app will give us the necessary ingredients, cooking instructions and most importantly the nutritional value of the dish. It is important to know the nutritional value of what you eat, especially when you are pregnant.

There is also a search tab where you can search for dishes as you want. Just type in the name of the dish and the offered dishes will appear. You can then choose it and know the necessary ingredients, preparation and nutritional intake.

A scientific study called “Pregnancy exercise and nutrition research Study with

smartphone app support” or PEARS was conducted in providing a mobile application to manage nutrition for pregnant women. Using the app, they had clinically significant reduced weight gain and improved nutrition. So it has great benefits which can improve the health of mother and baby in the long run.

healthy breakfast

Pregnancy Tracker

The pregnancy tracker is very useful because it shows the progress of the pregnancy. In this section we can see the progress of the pregnancy which shows how many weeks and how many days our future child is. We can also see the trimester number of our pregnancy, and we can see how many days are left until the due date and the average fetal size.

What’s interesting about this part is that the app tracks your baby’s growth progress week by week by comparing them to fruits of the same size. Even though doctors indicate the size of the baby in the womb, few people can imagine the correct size. By using this app, therefore, we can get an idea of the size of the fetus.

Pregnancy Information and Tips

We often ask ourselves the same questions when we are pregnant or when we plan to become pregnant. This tab is used precisely to warm up your doubts by answering these questions. There are already answers to questions that we often ask ourselves. If there are any questions or doubts that you want to know but which are not in the app, it will redirect you to trusted websites which will give you more information.

During pregnancy, frequent changes appear to the body. It is sometimes difficult to manage them especially if it is our first pregnancy. In addition to the information provided, the app also gives you daily tips. Every time you open the app on your mobile you will receive a little notification with a tip, because the app already knows how many days your pregnancy lasts and considers the changes your body is going to go through and these tips are meant to help you to overcome them and ease your pregnancy period.


To sum up, the application is easy to use and gives you all the information and advice to manage your pregnancy. You can find out how many weeks your fetus is and how many days are left until your due date. But the main focus of the app remains providing healthy and easy-to-cook recipes with a selection of almost a hundred. Thanks to this you can eat healthily, know the nutritional value of your food. Eating well is essential for the health of mother and child from the start to the end of pregnancy.

It also has an economic impact. According to the PEARS cost-effectiveness assessment published in 2019, using the app can reduce the burden on the healthcare system and will save resources. The study showed that mothers and babies who used the app gained more “quality-adjusted life years” or QALYs (disease burden measure) than those who received routine care. It is therefore positive for health and reduces the costs incurred knowing that the app is free.


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What Our Patients Say

Gráinne Macken

This is my second visit to Merrion Fetal, I was very pleased on both occasions. Lovely quiet waiting room, appointment was on time. The 20-week scan is very detailed we enjoyed watching our baby on the large TV screen. We got some beautiful photos. The nurse was very pleasant and talked us through all the measurements and anatomy. I would highly recommend this scanning clinic.”

Áine Gibney

I had the best experience at the Merrion Fetal Health clinic for my 20-week big scan. The staff were so friendly and so nice and the lovely lady who did my ultrasound scan was amazing. She was so thoroughgoing to absolutely everything and gave me such reassurance on how my baby was growing and developing. I would recommend any Mother to be to attend here if you are looking for a comfortable, reassuring and super pleasant experience.”

Linda O'Sullivan

Highly recommend! We had an early scan due to a little scare at the start of pregnancy and then another at 12 weeks to make sure all was good again. Helen who was scanning on both days was fantastic. We felt totally relaxed and un-rushed while she took her time finding the best angle of baby to get us the clearest pictures as keepsakes all while making sure everything was perfect with baby. She reassured us throughout and I can honestly say it was the best money we ever spent getting both scans done.

Please let Helen know we are 18 weeks now and flying along Highly recommend!



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